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We Work to Understand Your Child Needs

New Mexico Children First Learning Center the new standard for excellence in early education. Our passion is to support hard-working parents with quality, affordable care and education for their children. Our purposeful and holistic approach to early care and education ensures that your child has a strong and healthy foundation for learning and for life.


Our Mission

The mission New Mexico Children First Learning Center, in collaboration with our parents and community, is to provide children quality childcare and learning experiences while providing excellent education in a healthy and safe learning environment where children are prepared with the critical skills, development of social, creative, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills to reach their full potential.


We believe in the value of human diversity and the fair treatment of all people. It is our number one goal to provide the kind of environment and the kind of influences that encourage all children to become creative, independent, responsible, well rounded, self-directed adults who can make decisions for themselves. Our desire is for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families. Our philosophy of childcare is deeply rooted in the history of Early Childhood Education.

Prepare your child for school readiness

Feel The Difference

What gives our learning center the quality you feel the moment you enter are the “pillars” of belief that support them. There are four core beliefs on which everything centers at our campus.

Experiential Learning
We help children connect with their surroundings in new ways, so they discover what is meaningful to them in the moment and in the future.
A child’s educational success in large part depends on families, educators, peers and relevant members of the community.
Sharing new experiences and solving problems with others leads to a greater sense of connectedness – as well as meaningful learning experiences.
Proven Models
Our educational model has been developed by educators around the world. The human connection must be a key component of learning. Our main goal is to have every student ready to succeed in Kindergarten.

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

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Dedicated Teachers & Staff

Our staff consists of loving individuals who have a passion for Early Childhood Education and serving young children and families. Every staff member meets New Mexico Licensing requirements for their position including Early Childhood Education as well as CPR and First Aid certifications. New Mexico Children First is committed to the opportunity to serve and teach each unique child and family with grace and love.

Adriana Castillo


Alma Lares-Moreno

Facility Maintenance Technician

Blanca Santillan

EHS 1 (Infant) Assistant Teacher

Grecia Hernández

EHS (Toddlers) 2 Lead Teacher

Stephanie Pena

EHS (Toddlers) 3 Lead Teacher

Nubia Pacheco

EHS (Toddlers) 5 Lead Teacher

Juan Ramírez

Early Pre-k Lead Teacher

Priscilla Gómez

Staff Support

Angie Robles

Director Assistant

Maria Del Socorro Larrea

kitchen Manager

Jazly Dominguez

EHS (Toddlers) 1 Lead Teacher

Jazly Dominguez

EHS (Toddlers) 1 Lead Teacher

Amaris López

EHS (Toddlers) 4 Lead Teacher

Elizabeth Hernández Ontiveros

EHS (Toddlers) 5 Assistant Teacher

Kaylin Ordonez

Early Pre-k Assistant Teacher

Blanca Ibave

Staff Support

Mariel De Santiago

Human Resources Manager

Sarah Portillo

EHS 1 (Infants) Lead Teacher

Irma Soto

EHS (Toddlers) 1 Assistant Teacher

Brittney Monreal

EHS (Toddlers) 2 Assistant Teacher

Jessica Ramírez

EHS (Toddlers) 4 Assistant Teacher

Evelin Medrano

Focus Infant 1 Lead Teacher

Rebecca Sanabria

Preschool Lead Teacher

Emma Melendez

Staff Support